IRC Rules

These rules apply to all of the RealFreedom IRC channels, various exceptions and differences are mentioned if applicable.

1. Do not spam.
Nobody likes a spammer. Spamming is defined as sending unsolicited messages, especially for advertising purposes. We are not against all advertisement. In fact, it is welcome in this channel, but please do not join ONLY to advertise. Things like mentioning your channel/site/etc in normal conversation is fine, but joining only to mention your channel/site/etc is forbidden and may be automatically detected.

2. Do not flood.
This rule should come as no surprise to most chat-goers because it is a very common one. In this case, flooding is defined as sending many messages (or the same message repeatedly) in quick succession. This can cause issues for those with slower devices/connections and it is just all-around annoying and disruptive to any conversations happening. Flooding is automatically detected on IRC and will be instantly punished with a ban. Please note that mass highlights (saying the nick/username of everyone in the chat in order to try to get attention or just interrupt channel-goers) is also forbidden and also automatically detected and enforced on IRC. ONE exception to this rule is in #realhangman, where flooding is nearly impossible to avoid due to the fast-paced answer guessing. If you find yourself repeatedly getting kicked by the bot while guessing answers, please ask an administrator to add you to the exempt list. Unrelated flooding (i.e. not guessing answers) is still prohibited and violations of this rule will result in being kicked or banned.

3. Do not post links to illegal content or participate in illegal activities in the channel.
Though this may be seen as slight censorship, linking to illegal content is forbidden in the chat for obvious reasons. Please account for laws in your country as well as the United States. What is and isn’t allowed is at the discretion of the ops (content is variably problematic, i.e. spreading malicious software or linking child pornography may be considered a more severe violation of this rule than linking to a clean site with pirated content though both are strongly discouraged). In some extreme cases, illegal activity may be reported to the proper authorities.

4. Don’t join to cause drama.
Don’t join here with the clear and sole purpose of causing drama. Indicators of having joined to cause drama include bringing up controversies or outside drama immediately upon entering, routinely harassing a particular user,  participating only in arguments, or frequent, one sided, inflammatory rambling. What is and isn’t considered causing drama is at the discretion of the ops.

5. Please tag disturbing/NSFW content!
While sharing NSFW content and disturbing content is not against the rules of the channel (unless it is illegal, i.e. child porn), please mark all links that contain NSFW (i.e. porn) or disturbing (i.e. disgusting or gory content) material. If linking to porn, please tag it NSFW. If you are linking to anything that might be considering disturbing (i.e. gore, images containing disgusting things), please tag it as such. Forgetting to follow this rule will result in a warning, but knowingly and repeatedly breaking this rule may result in a kick or ban from the channel.

6. Don’t ask for channel status or be a backseat moderator.
While this channel is mostly unmoderated, we do have ops in order to keep things from getting out of hand in certain situations. If you believe you can be a good channel op, try to get on the good side of another op in the channel. Don’t flat out ask for admin/op/halfop, because that will only ensure that you are never considered. Also, please do not ask for voice. Generally, if an op likes you, you will get voice without having to ask. Basically, we’ll come to you and ask you to be an op/voice, not vice-versa. Also, while formal suggestions are welcome and help make the community a better place for everyone, do not make a habit of telling ops what to do (i.e. ban <user>) unless you are an op yourself. This is very annoying because no one likes being told how to do their job.

Bot Policy:

At Real Freedom, we love bots as much as everyone else, but they must be held to a standard, otherwise things would get chaotic very quickly. You are always free to bring your bot to the channel as long as the bot rules are followed.

1. Bots must follow ALL normal rules.
Bots cannot spam, flood, or post illegal links. It’s not likely that a bot could ask for op or admin power, but if your bot becomes self-aware and does this, it will be banned very quickly.

2. Bot owners must be present with their bots in the channel.
If you are going to have a bot in the channel, please stick around in the channel to make sure it behaves (and to hang out with some pretty cool people). Do not send bots to this channel without joining it first.


Some guidelines when being in this channel:

1. Expect anything.
As this is a mostly unmoderated channel, anything is bound to happen. This could range from political debates to tech chat to erotic roleplay, and unpopular/offensive opinions may be shared. This is part of having a channel that is unmoderated.

2. Be yourself, but remember that there are sometimes consequences.
While you CAN say anything you want in this channel (pretty much), it does not mean you should. If you voice an unpopular opinion, there is NO protection against retaliation from other channel users, though you will not be banned for holding that opinion. In short, freedom of speech simply means you won’t be banned from the channel for saying something; not that you can say anything without consequence.

3. Be careful what links you click on.
Don’t click on every link that is shared. Some links may have disturbing contents and some may contain content that can get you into a lot of trouble or mess up your device (though those who link that kind of material may be banned afterwards).

4. If you are annoyed by someone, please use your client’s IGNORE feature if one is available.
No one is expecting you to get along with every single person in the channel, but the best thing to do if you simply cannot stand someone is just to block him/her and not talk to him/her. This can be done through the IGNORE function, which most IRC clients contain. Please check out for more information and tutorials on how to use your ignore command. Also remember, announcing that you’ve ignored someone is only asking for more trouble and opening the door for ignore evasion.